Locus is a project started by a friend and I. We recently moved to San Francisco and were trying lots of new restaurants. In the Apple Notes app, we would write down the place name, and notes about the restaurant -- specifically, this place had really amazing cannoli and focaccia. We wanted a place to store lists of things with our own comments and the address, so it can open automatically in Maps. We wanted each list to have the ability to add collaborators, so you can share and update lists with friends. 

I will continue to update this page with  as progress on the project is made.

multiple screens 01.png


I am the principle engineer. As the first steps, I've been building a backend using the PHP framework Laravel. I've created the database schema and begin to seed it using Laravel's Eloquent ORM. Next up, designing API endpoints. 

more to come -- stay tuned!



Cristina Estupiñán, Designer (portfolio)