All I need is a comfy laptop and a sharp pencil.

I like to build things and watch them move.  I like simulations, rendering techniques, tricky shaders, but also robots, 3D printers and 3D models.  My favorite thing to do is to find new ways to solve problems. 

 Even on my lazy days I'm always working on a project.  Whether it's putting faces in my sketchbook, playing a new song, or wiring a surround sound system, having a purpose keeps me grounded.  I've played in a bluegrass band, participated in a startup documentary, and I continue to love warm weather.  

When I need a real break, I jog outdoors or go hiking.  Every once in a while I see what the weather's like around the world.  So far, It's usually nice.

Right now I work for ARLD; a biotech startup.  We research and develop unique ways to solve difficult problems, through a combined approach of cutting edge material research and vision guided robotics.   As Principal Software Engineer, I've been in charge of a range of projects, but my main focus has been developing the company's DropprWare software.  It uses computer vision to turn a low cost robot into a dispensing machine capable of incredible precision by working in concert with some of the incredible properties of our material.